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Welcome to In Close Up Reviews; Your Accurate Guide to Local Merchants

In Close Up Reviews is a team of dedicated people whose main agenda is to connect you to what you want, as well as give you information on whatever it is that you are trying to find. We endeavor to bring you accurate reviews on different products and service providers so that you can sift through the hundreds of suppliers and pick the best. We achieve these objectives by doing a few things.

We Give You Other People's Experiences

We have millions of households trying to find the best service providers in their locality. These households usually browse online after a futile search for the best service provider. They may have exhausted the list of recommendations made by friends and family members. Therefore, when they search online, they share their previous experience with other service providers. Once they get a service provider from the site, they leave a review after the project is done. This gives every other site user an insight into how that particular provider handles his business and his clients.

Ratings and Reviews

Members of this site leave reviews on the service providers. With thousands of reviews being submitted monthly, you are sure to get an accurate picture of how a product or service provider is. In the review, you will get details such as price, response time, professionalism, quality of work as well as other services offered. We also allow the users to rate a product or service to indicate their level of satisfaction with a product or service. When browsing, you should not rely on the review of one user. It is advisable to read several reviews on a product or service provider to get an accurate picture of performance.

Honesty and Transparency

We do not allow our members to post anonymous reviews. We require that users submit their details, which are available to service providers for follow up. We do, however, value the confidentiality of our members, but we always give two names. We also allow the service providers to respond to the reviews so as to give other users a more accurate representation of the service or product. Additionally, users are allowed to leave only one review per product to avoid dominating the review box with the opinion of just one person.

Better services

There is always a hidden power in numbers. Companies that offer exceptional services are always delighted to serve our members since they know that it will be great news for them. Over time, we have noticed that members of In Close Up Reviews are increasingly getting better services and products since the companies realize that a great review will bring them more business.

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In Close Up Reviews has helped me a lot. Previously, I had relied heavily on suppliers, who sometimes misled me. However, since a friend recommended this site, I have found it very resourceful in getting information and sourcing business prospects. Thank you!
Tyler H. Mullings
Olson Electronics

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This is the absolute site for anyone who is serious about doing business, and making informed decisions! I have to say thank you for the Sports Reviews. They really opened my eyes to the possibilities of using my hobby to get some income!
Vernon G. Fournier
Olympic Sports